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Hinckley Spillway Swim Area

Hinckley Lake Swimming Area is located on Bellus Road and East Drive in Hinckley Reservation.

Construction of the dam started in 1926 and was built with the purpose to block water from the Rocky River to hold back enough to fill a 100-acre lake. Today, part of Hinckley Lake is enjoyed by visitors as a sandy swimming area.
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Amenities Include:

  • Boathouse (nearby)
  • Restrooms
  • Grills
  • Picnic area
  • Parking
  • All-Purpose Trail


  • Obey Lifeguard Instructions At All Times
  • No Swimming When Red Beach Flags Are Posted Due to Weather/Safety Conditions
  • No Swimming In Unauthorized Areas
  • No Diving
  • No Alcohol Or Drugs
  • Children Eight (8) Years & Under Must Have Adult (Age 18+) Supervision
  • No Glass Containers
  • No Pets On The Beach Or In The Water
  • No Flotation Devices (Only U.S. Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets Allowed)
  • Swim Diapers Required for Infants And Small Children
  • No Fishing Near Designated Swimming Areas
  • No Masks, Snorkels Or Scuba Equipment
  • All patrons are required to follow Cleveland Metroparks Waterfront Rules and Regulations. For the safety of all patrons, lifeguards will enforce any additional rules deemed necessary. Lifeguards have complete authority at all times while on duty, under the direct supervision of the Aquatics/Facilities Manager.