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Ask A Naturalist

I found these in April 2010 and have not been able to find out what this is.

Posted: 3/26/2014
Posted By: Naturalist
Hi Judie,
This is a flowering plant often called Squaw Root or American Cancer Root (Conopholis americana).  This is a non-photosynthesizing plant that received it's nutrients from roots of trees, typicaly Oaks in our area, and is referred to as a parasitic plant. 
Thanks for the question!

Tim Krynak
Cleveland Metroparks
Watershed Stewardship Center


3/28/2014 3:13:01 PM by Debra Shankland
Oops! I think Tim's fingers were flying too fast on the keyboard! He meant it's a parasitic (as in parasite) plant.
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