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Cleveland Metroparks Blog


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – “The Story of Cleveland Metroparks Facebook Page”
Posted: 5/19/2014
Here at Cleveland Metroparks, our Facebook page is a point of pride. We love all of the people who visit and interact with the Park District pretty much every single day. It’s a place where we make big announcements, share fun information, tell you exciting stories and let you know about what’s happening so you can come out and play in and around the parks. And, with over 50,000 fans, it’s a pretty lively place. It’s our goal to bring you fresh, fun and informative posts every day – 365 days a year. Did...


The Best Buzzard Itinerary Ever
Posted: 3/7/2014
This year the "Annual Return of the Buzzards" is special. For more than 55 years, without fail, the turkey vultures (a.k.a. buzzards) have returned to their roost in Hinckley Reservation on March 15. Normally this day falls in the middle of the week, which is the reason we started the Buzzard Sunday event; so everyone could enjoy celebrating these amazing animals' return to the area. But this year, March 15 falls on a Saturday! Which means, you can make an entire weekend out of this unique celebration!&...


Top 7 Wintertime Activities in Cleveland Metroparks
Posted: 1/16/2014
In Northeast Ohio winter is often seen as a time to hibernate and stay indoors. Well, we here at Cleveland Metroparks don’t subscribe to this notion. Because, we know for a fact that there are amazing outdoor activities happening all around the Emerald Necklace. To help you make the most of this frosty time of year, we have compiled this awesome list of wintertime activities: 1. The Chalet Toboggan Chutes: The undisputed champ of wintertime fun – hands down. Nothing beats the thrill of flying down the t...


Welcome to Cleveland Metroparks New Blog
Posted: 1/8/2014
For nearly 100 years, Cleveland Metroparks has served the Northeast Ohio community, with a mission of conservation, education and recreation. This blog will be an extension of these goals and our commitment to the area. It will be updated regularly to provide you with exciting news, developments and fun information about our Park District. You might find some insider details about a new construction project or even some fodder for your water cooler talk  (i.e. the top seven places for a wintertime ...