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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – “The Story of Cleveland Metroparks Facebook Page”

Posted: 5/19/2014
Posted By: Eric Barnett

Here at Cleveland Metroparks, our Facebook page is a point of pride. We love all of the people who visit and interact with the Park District pretty much every single day. It’s a place where we make big announcements, share fun information, tell you exciting stories and let you know about what’s happening so you can come out and play in and around the parks. And, with over 50,000 fans, it’s a pretty lively place. It’s our goal to bring you fresh, fun and informative posts every day – 365 days a year.

Did you ever wonder how we make that happen? Well, I am going to give you the inside scoop. It all comes down to one thing – teamwork! (Which is one of the Core Values of Cleveland Metroparks by the way.)

A few years ago, the interaction on our Facebook page was flat. Lots of people “liked” the parks, but no one really wanted to talk with us. . . so, how could we change that?

Well, there was one post that got tons of likes every week! That was the post from Naturalist Jen Brumfield! Her fun and informative posts about local wildlife really brought the page to life. So, we decided – let’s do that more often. And, as it works out, there are seven days in a week and seven nature/visitor centers in Cleveland Metroparks; a Facebook match made in heaven. 

So, the naturalist staff from each nature/visitor center began to post once a week on an assigned day. Wow what a difference - all of a sudden our Facebook page was bursting at the seams with excitement! People loved all of the fun pictures and stories we were sharing from all over the Park District. 

Building on this success, we pushed the envelope further – adding more departments and employees to the mix until our Facebook page became a true reflection of our organization.

Every week, we have staff from Outdoor Experiences, Natural Resources, Park Operations, the Rangers and Marketing all writing posts for our Facebook page. More than 100 different employees have helped contribute stories, information and pictures – a fact we are really proud of.

It’s like the old phrase goes – “Teamwork makes the dream work!” We hope you enjoy seeing this dream work!

Of course none of this would be possible at all without you, the fans! So, from all of us at Cleveland Metroparks, thank you for everything and please continue to “Come Out and Play” on our Facebook page!  


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