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Red pandas, meerkats and golden lion tamarins…oh my!

Posted: 5/23/2014
Posted By: Laura Andrews
What do you usually think of when you hear the word carousel? Carousel horses right? I always think of the scene from Mary Poppins, as Mary, Bert and the children ride their horses right off the carousel and through the chalk country-side. 

The new Circle of Wildlife carousel opening at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo at the end of this month is quite different. For one, it's full of all kinds of animals. Sixty-four of them to be exact, with eight custom animals that don't appear on any other carousel including an Anatolian shepard, lynx, cardinal tetra, ocelot, ring-tailed lemur, emperor penguin and fossa. There are also two chariots, bench-seating, on the carousel of a coral reef and a dung beetle!

The figures will be grouped together on the carousel according to their natural environment, including African grassland, tropical forest and tundra. Check out all of the animals on the carousel below. What’s your favorite carousel animal to ride? 

*Click the image for a larger size

All of the animals have been hand carved by Carousel Works, the largest manufacturer of wooden carousels in the world, based locally in Mansfield, Ohio.  These amazing artists have created a one-of-a-kind carousel.

Next to this one-of-a-kind carousel, you'll find the new Nature Discovery Ridge play area. This area lets kids play through the use of wild habitats and natural elements like rocks, water and trees. Kids will be able to explore, climb, and best of all, have fun reconnecting with nature and letting their imaginations run wild. An observation desk for parents and caregivers overlooks the play area, so everyone can be in on the fun. Check out a rendering of what this space looks like below. 

*Click the image for a larger size

Look for the carousel in the new Circle of Wildlife area of the Zoo. In fact, you'll see it on the hill behind the lions as you walk in the Zoo through the main entrance. It's hard to miss!


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