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Notes From The Field Blog

Jen Brumfield


Owls are Ambassadors
Posted: 11/21/2013
EVERY experience in nature is fresh and new, full of intrigue, wonder and discovery. Even the most seasoned enthusiasts will tell you -- "I learn something new EVERY day." The incredible diversity of species and habitats we have in the immediate Cleveland region is striking. Cuyahoga County is the most populated county in Ohio and our parks are surrounded by urban and suburban neighborhoods. But yet, large tracts of forests, fields, and wetlands are protected, loved and adored. Visitors ALWAYS have some...


American Avocet at Edgewater!
Posted: 8/1/2013
One of the Nation's most stunning species of shorebirds, the American Avocet, is a western and east coast species, with only small numbers of migrants showing up in the Great Lakes region. Avocets are rare in Northeast Ohio during migration, but vigilant observers can sometimes find them on beaches and along breakwalls when they make short stops to rest and refuel. Early this morning, I was scanning Edgewater Park's beach, and found a brilliantly-marked adult breeding plumage avocet resting along the sho...


Cleveland's Brown Pelican
Posted: 7/30/2013
Cleveland has been hosting a mega-rare East Coast visitor for 39 days, now - an immature brown pelican. There are only two previous records of this species for Cuyahoga County - a one-day wonder on April 29th, 1990, and another one-day wonder, September 7, 2012 - both from Huntington Reservation. Overall, there's few records for Ohio and the Great Lakes! This summer 2013 individual is setting all sorts of records, and was still present on the outer Cleveland breakwall as recently as Sunday, July 29...


Naturalist's Almanac
Posted: 7/29/2013
A great month-to-month short guide to seasonal sightings is Cleveland Metroparks Naturalist's Almanac. (See link below). Bookmark it, and follow the natural occurrences of each month in Cleveland Metroparks. Learn what to look for in the outdoors and when, including birds, wildflowers, fall color, insect activity, and much more. Keep checking this blog for new sightings and new posts by our naturalists!  Naturalist's Almanac page:  CLICK HERE Lakefront Reservation - Edgewater Park. (jb)


Welcome to Cleveland Metroparks Nature Blog!
Posted: 6/25/2013
Welcome to Cleveland Metroparks nature blog, "Notes from the Field." For 96 years Cleveland Metroparks has been providing conservation, education and recreation opportunities to the public. Notes from the Field aims to provide you with weekly fascinating, exciting experiences and finds, and facts and observations that celebrate our natural world.  We’ll cover topics on plant and animal identification, natural resource management, outdoor education, conservation practices and plenty m...