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Notes From The Field Blog

Welcome to Cleveland Metroparks Nature Blog!

Posted: 6/25/2013
Posted By: Jen Brumfield
Original Source: Notes from the Field

Welcome to Cleveland Metroparks nature blog, "Notes from the Field." For 96 years Cleveland Metroparks has been providing conservation, education and recreation opportunities to the public. Notes from the Field aims to provide you with weekly fascinating, exciting experiences and finds, and facts and observations that celebrate our natural world.  We’ll cover topics on plant and animal identification, natural resource management, outdoor education, conservation practices and plenty more! If you’ve been following our natural history posts on Facebook, you’ll love this blog.
Look for a new post each Thursday. Notes from the Field is brought to you by the passionate naturalists of Cleveland Metroparks. Share your observations and ask us questions in the comments area. See you in the field! 


7/19/2013 3:26:51 AM by Katbird
This is a great idea- I look forward to your reports!
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