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Personal Safety & Crime Prevention

Cleveland Metroparks is a great place to enjoy nature and recreation. However, when in the Park District, remember to practice the same personal safety routines you would anywhere else.

If faced with an emergency, notify Ranger Headquarters immediately by calling 440-333-4911 or 911. Yellow emergency phones are located throughout the Park District, and will also connect you directly to Ranger Headquarters. If you spot a Park District employee, notify them of your situation as well. They will assist you in contacting a ranger for help.

  • Carry a cell phone in case of emergency.
  • Be aware of nearby people and vehicles.
  • If using headphones, let them hang around your neck. It's important to hear, as well as see, what's happening in the vicinity.
  • If it's necessary to call for help, be able to relay an exact location by knowing the nearest Park District area, intersection, or major landmark.
  • When possible, visit Cleveland Metroparks with a friend or in a group.
  • Avoid isolated areas. Keep roadways in sight, especially if alone.
  • Carry a whistle to make a loud noise in case of an emergency.
  • Always be observant, especially of suspicious people.
  • If someone becomes a crime victim, a good description will assist in identifying the attacker.
  • If a vehicle is involved in a crime, try to get the license plate number. It could prove essential in assisting the rangers' investigation.
  • If jogging along the parkway in dusk or dawn hours, wear bright-colored clothing or a reflective vest.
  • If bicycling on the parkway, ride with traffic in the right lane and obey traffic laws.

Child Safety

For a child, Cleveland Metroparks can be an enticing place to explore. It can also be a dangerous place to play. When in the Park District, parents should always know the whereabouts of their children. Parents should remember that while visiting Cleveland Metroparks they are responsible for the supervision of their own children.

  • Young children should never be allowed to venture off by themselves.
  • Keep close visual contact with children at all times, especially if a roadway or body of water is nearby.
  • Teach children they should never talk to strangers, or accept invitations to go anywhere with someone they don't know.
  • Educate children about rangers and police officers. Explain they are there to help, and it's okay for an officer to assist them.
  • Teach children how to contact help in an emergency, by calling 911 or 440-333-4911.

Vehicle Safety

When parking a vehicle in Cleveland Metroparks, try to follow these crime prevention tips:

  • Lock all valuables (purses, wallets, cameras, etc.) in the trunk before entering the Park District.
  • Lock car doors and close the windows after checking to make sure keys are removed from the vehicle.
  • Have keys ready when returning to the car.
  • In the event of vehicle trouble, contact Ranger Headquarters at 440-333-4911.
  • Before entering the Park District, only bring essentials like your keys, driver's license, and cell phone.
  • Engrave identification on items like cameras, portable electronic devices, and removable stereos.
  • Keep an updated record of serial numbers and credit card numbers at home. Have it available for rangers in the event of a theft.
  • Install a locking gas cap so a thief can't siphon gas.
  • Consider the use of a steering wheel lock, or install an alarm system.
  • Keep a pen and paper in the car for notes in the event of a crime.