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Cleveland Metroparks is bringing FootGolf to Cleveland!

Mastick Woods Golf Course/Rocky River Reservation
19900 Puritas Road, Cleveland, OH 44135
  • 18-holes, AFGL certified course
  • Book a tee time: 216-267-5626
General $10.50
Junior (17 & under)
Senior (60 & over)
Weekend Rate (Sat/Sun/Holidays)
(before 2 p.m.)
*Price does not include golf cart; carts $7

Shawnee Hills Golf Course/Bedford Reservation

18753 Egbert Road, Bedford, OH 44146
  • 18-holes
  • Book a tee time: 440-232-7184

Weekday Rate + Sat & Sun/Holidays
(after 2 p.m.)

Weekend Rate (Sat/Sun/Holidays)
(before 2 p.m.)
Junior (17 & under) (after 2 p.m.)
Senior (60 & over) (after 2 p.m.)
Spring/Fall  $7.50
*Does not include golf cart; carts $7

/Uploads/Public/Images/Activities/Images/Footgolf8updated.jpg Courtesy of American FootGolf League
/Uploads/Public/Images/Activities/Images/Footgolf11updated.jpg Courtesy of American FootGolf League
/Uploads/Public/Images/Activities/Images/Footgolf10updated.jpg Courtesy of American FootGolf League

What is FootGolf?

FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf. FootGolf as a game is played throughout the world in many different forms, but as a sport it is regulated by the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) (From American FootGolf League).

FootGolf FAQ

Q: Where can I play FootGolf?
A: Mastick Woods Golf Course offers 18 FootGolf holes certified by the American FootGolf League. Shawnee Hills offers visitors a 9-hole course.

Q: Can people play FootGolf while people are golfing?
A: Yes. FootGolf requires larger holes that are separately located from the regular golf holes.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Indoor soccer shoes or turf shoes are recommended for FootGolf. NO CLEATS are permitted. FootGolf attire mimics golf attire, but it is only required for official AFGL tournaments and events.

Q: What should I bring?
A: A regulation #5 soccer ball is required for FootGolf. Players are encouraged to bring their own, easily identifiable ball, but may also rent one from the golf course.

Q: Where can I find the official rules of FootGolf?
A: FootGolf is governed by the American FootGolf League (AFGL) and the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG). Official rules can be found here:

Q: How do I book a tee time?
A: Call the golf course and book a tee time over the phone.
     Mastick Woods: 216-267-5626
     Shawnee Hills: 440-232-7184

Q: Where can I find more information?
A: Check out the American FootGolf League’s website, or the Federation for International FootGolf’s website, for more information.