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The hobby that brings technology and nature together

Geocaching is the sport of using GPS technology to search for and find caches that have been hidden around the world. Cleveland Metroparks is participating by hiding several caches within its borders, holding event caches, allowing people to place geocaches in Cleveland Metroparks (see rules and regulations below) and offering introduction to geocaching programs.  

If you have any questions about geocaching in Cleveland Metroparks please call 440-473-3370or e-mail.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Please use good eco-manners when seeking a cache.  Examples: Do not step on wildflowers or leave litter.  Bags are often available for litter pick up on your way out: “Cache in, trash out”.
  • You may take something out of the cache when you find it (not the log book, please).
  • Please leave something in the cache if you take something.  Absolutely NO tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, dangerous items, adult items or food.  Small toys, coins or coupons are examples of things that are appropriate to leave.
  • Please sign in the log book.
  • You can log onto the web site to register your find.
  • Please leave the cache where you found it.  Others will be seeking it.
  • Please contact cache owner if the cache has been vandalized or if you have another concern.
  • Travelers (coins and travel bugs) are items that are registered with and travel from geocache to geocache.  They are generally marked with a unique number.  Please do not move a traveler unless you are registered with the website and are familiar with how to log the move.
  • Have a great time exploring beautiful Cleveland Metroparks.

Register with
You can register yourself as a geocacher by going to and creating a log-in name and password. There is no fee. You can register all of your geocaching finds with the website and receive notification of new caches in your area.

Cleveland Metroparks Rules and Regulations regarding hidden object activities (geocaching, letterboxing, munzies, etc.,). 
In addition to Cleveland Metroparks Regulations, the following rules/conditions apply:

Privately (not owned or managed by Cleveland Metroparks) placed hidden objects are permitted in Cleveland Metroparks under the following conditions:

  1. Hidden objects must be on and reached via designated Cleveland Metroparks trails.  Places that can be reached on mowed lawn grass are considered on-trail.
  2. Participating in hidden object activities off-trail is prohibited. 
  3. Hidden objects are prohibited at the Zoo, on golf courses, places with restricted access and in ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, ponds, and wildflower areas (also see 1 and 2 above).
  4. Tree or rock climbing to reach a hidden object is prohibited.
  5. The hidden object must be clearly labeled with the following information clearly printed on it: type of activity, owners name and contact information, date of placement and GC# if appropriate. 
  6. A hidden object size must be in a container with a minimum size of 8 ounces.
  7. Hidden objects may not be ammo cans, PVC pipes, or have the appearance of a dangerous object.
  8. Contents of hidden objects should be family-friendly.  Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, dangerous items and adult items are prohibited.
  9. Any hidden object that is not in compliance with these conditions or that is determined to be a nuisance will be removed and discarded without notice. 

Seeking hidden objects must be done on designated Cleveland Metroparks trails.

Look for a geocache hidden in Cleveland Metroparks
Every year Cleveland Metroparks hides several geocaches within its borders. There are also geocaches in Cleveland Metroparks that have been placed by individuals holding a permit. Cache locations and names change yearly.

Attend a Geocaching Program
If you are new to geocaching or just want to brush up on your skills, we offer “Introduction to Geocaching” programs. Watch the Emerald Necklace Newsletter or call CanalWay Center for upcoming programs at 216-206-1000. 

For more information on finding caches go to the official Geocaching website:


Questing is the new adventure series in the Ohio & Erie Canalway. Put on your sleuthing cap and use rhyming clues to discover natural and cultural gems and find the hidden box!

Unlke geocaching, questing doesn't require a GPS unit and no trinkets are exchanged. You only need a pen or pencil and walking shoes to follow rhyming clues and a curious map. When you find a quest box, stamp the unique stamp in your questing journal, sign the logbook, then re-hide the box.

The quests run April 15 through November 15.

Cleveland Metroparks Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation Quest
A Quest for What Moves You (version 1 - for all audiences)
A Quest for What Moves You (version 2 - for those with limited mobility)

Ohio & Erie Canalway Quests