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Roots Revealed Blog

New Cleveland Metroparks History Blog - Roots Revealed

Posted: 5/1/2013
Posted By: Foster Brown

Welcome to the first entry of Cleveland Metroparks history blog Roots Revealed. For 96 years Cleveland Metroparks has been providing conservation, education and recreation opportunities to the public. Our aim is to reveal fascinating facts, connect names and events to the area's history, and stir up fond memories you and your families have shared in Cleveland Metroparks through the years.  

The main contributors to this weekly blog are cultural history interpreters, a historian/archivist, and naturalists on staff with Cleveland Metroparks.

The topics will include park beginnings, early park philosophy, natural resource management, outdoor education, recreation, law enforcement, golfing, events, sites, people, conservation practices, Cleveland connections and anything else we can dig up that pertains to our park district’s past. We welcome your stories and memories related to the topics.

Look for a new blog each Wednesday to pique your interest and jog your memory with interesting stories and historic photos that you didn’t know or you've forgotten. We hope you join us weekly as we reveal the roots of Cleveland Metroparks past.

My, how we've have changed! Here are a few photos from 'then and now.' If you're familiar with Hinckley Reservation, then these spots on the road may look familiar.

Hinckley Reservation - road to boathouse - 1954  
Courtesy of Cleveland Public Library - Photography Collection     

Hinckley Reservation - road to boathouse - 2013

Hinckley Reservation - West Drive - 1929
Courtesy of Cleveland Public Library - Photography Collection     

Hinckley Reservation - West Drive - 2013

Gravel roads to asphalt, natural trails to all purpose trails, can be noticed from then to now.

Foster Brown
Cleveland Metroparks
Historical Interpreter/naturalist


5/6/2013 1:47:03 PM by Ed Balaun
This is really great! I love the Hinckley Reservation and really appreciate seeing old photos of it. I'm a photographer myself, and maybe someone will look at my photos in several decades of the Metroparks.
5/6/2013 1:18:13 PM by Debra Peters
What a wonderful idea! I grew up on the banks of Big Creek in Parma. I hope you cover that area eventually too.
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